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A confirmation email is sent automatically when checkout is completed. Set your email program to accept mail from contact(at) (if not received within 30 minutes, check your spam/junk folder). Our checkout and customer account data is encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to keep your transactions and personal information private.

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Payment Options

Credit card and bank debit online payments are processed securely via Shopify Checkout (many options are offered, including Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Amex, GPay and Apple Pay as well as some Europe-only payment providers) and PayPal Checkout. You are not required to register with us, Shopify or PayPal to use the checkout. Sorry, although we can accept credit cards in person, we cannot accept them over the telephone.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the world's largest, oldest, and most trusted online payment checkout systems which processes credit card transactions instantly (no registration required). They also can process bank debit and store funds like an online "wallet" (registration required). PayPal processes your financial information securely and never reveals it to the merchant, and even offers purchase protection (some conditions apply). You may register at or while checking out.

Sales Tax

In compliance with Canadian tax law, anything sold within our province (MB) must be charged provincial tax (RST) at 7% and federal tax (GST) at 5%; orders shipped to other Canadian provinces must be charged GST (or HST if an HST province). Tax is charged on the item total and shipping cost combined, since tax is based upon whatever costs it takes to get the purchase into the recipient's hands.

Prepaid VISA/AMEX/MC (etc.) Gift Cards

They are not actually credit cards, they're more like plastic gift certificates. See tips from on how to use. Not all types are currently supported in our checkout, and some are restricted against some types of purchases. If you encounter difficulty using your card, you must contact the card issuer directly for assistance. However if your card isn't working, it may be because:

  • it has not been activated
  • it has not been registered (see back of card)
  • balance does not have enough funds remaining
  • it cannot be used for online or international purchases
  • it does not have a PIN/security code
  • address in checkout does not EXACTLY match registered address
  • card has a waiting period (24-48 hours after purchase)


Items are returnable within 30 days of receipt except if Final Sale. By buying our products you are agreeing to be bound by the policies on this page and our Terms of Service. Refunds issued within 60 days of purchase only; no unauthorized returns. Return shipping costs are the buyer's expense. Sorry, no exchanges.

How To Send A Return

Follow steps below and ship by a service guaranteeing arrival within 60 days of purchase. We are not responsible for returns lost or delayed in transit.

  1. See Final Sale items that cannot be returned.
  2. Contact us for a Return Authorization number (RA#).
  3. Include copy of receipt or order # inside parcel, and write RA# on front.
  4. Ship as soon as possible. USA & International: write "goods for return" on Customs label.

If the item was shipped inside a pouch, ziplock bag or box, re-use it since this recycles and helps protect the item. If the outer box/envelope is undamaged you can re-use it as well, just remove or cover up our label. If your shipment arrived damaged, include ALL packaging materials inside a new box/envelope (required for insurance claim).

Final Sale Items

Markdowns (items tagged "On Sale") are non-returnable and non-refundable, as are vintage clothing marked "final sale", socks, tights, gloves and "Made To Order" (custom) items since they are made to your specifications only. Fabric chokers, garters and masks may only be returned if unworn, with tags intact. Please note that items smelling of tobacco, pets, perfume or other odours will not be accepted. Stockings/tights, gloves and watches are not returnable under any circumstances due to the following:

  • Federal health regulations prohibit returns on "intimate apparel" (in direct contact with body areas producing sweat, attracting parasites or bacteria, wearing cosmetics/perfume).
  • Watches are purchased as samples wholesale direct from the manufacturer so we can offer a special low price, however warranties are not offered on samples so they cannot be returned.

An exception can be made if the item has obviously been damaged during shipping, since this would be a shipping insurance issue. If this is the case, keep ALL original packaging, take photos, and contact us immediately. If defective, handmade fabric items (chokers, garters, hats, etc.) may be returned for repairs.


Refunds issued only within 60 days of purchase to the email address used during the original payment. No refunds on unauthorized returns (see How To Return). Shipping costs are non-refundable. Refunds may take up to 7 days to process and are credited as follows:

  • Credit Card: returned to your card
  • PayPal Account Balance: returned to your PayPal account
  • Bank Debit: returned to your bank account
  • Google Pay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, etc: returned to the card registered to your account

Gift Return
If you received a returnable item as a gift you may return it under the same conditions described in the above sections, however refunds can only be issued to the person who originally paid for the order. Sorry, no exchanges.

Repairs & Alterations

If defective, items may be sent back for free repairs within 30 days of purchase. Follow instructions on How To Return above (see Vintage Parts below if your item contains vintage components). Repaired items will be shipped back to you at our expense. However if repair is requested after 30 days from purchase date, we reserve the right to charge for repairs and/or return shipping.

We are happy to make alterations on our products whenever possible. You might need a size adjustment, prefer a different colour of drop beads, want more chain added, or other minor "tweak". Contact us for a quote. Charges for adding components (beads, chain, etc.) and labour costs may apply, as well as shipping charges to return the item to you.

Vintage Components

A component is generally considered "vintage" if it is more than 25 years old. Some of the parts we use were made in the late 1960's - 1990's, and often by hand instead of high precision machinery. Although we use only the best quality vintage components we can find, many are not 100% perfect according to the standards of our age of digital accuracy (bubbles or warps in the glass, tiny hairline marks, slightly asymmetrical, etc.). Such imperfections are completely normal, merely adding to the item's unique charm, however occasionally it may be more noticeable than you would like. We are happy to make changes for you, however please be aware that an identical replacement part may no longer be available, and that even when one is, it may not be absolutely perfect either.

Wholesale & Bulk Ordering

Are you a retailer interested in reselling our products, or a large group looking to outfit your party (wedding, stage production, photo shoot, etc.)? No problem! We offer bulk discounts on large orders for group functions and shops, whether online and physical, worldwide. Discounts vary and may be based on either item quantity (min. 5 of each item) or order value (CAD $120+) depending on your needs. Contact us for details.

Technical Problems: Common Solutions

Your issue may be listed below. If not, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Most common problems with online shopping occur with:

  • creating account/logging in: check entries for typing errors and extra blank spaces
  • not getting emails: check spam/junk folder, and wait 24 hours for us to reply
  • issues with prepaid gift cards: see Using Gift Cards above
  • using alternate (non-billing) shipping address: call card issuer to authorize new address
  • refund not appearing in online banking: allow approx. 5 business days to be posted to account
  • PayPal transaction failed - error code given (see below)

PayPal Error Codes
PayPal issues codes that depend on the type of problem, see list below. "Funding source" means the origin of funds for the transaction, such as your credit card, bank, credit union, etc. If using a prepaid card, also see Using Gift Cards section above.
  • 10417L: (registered PayPal account) funding source info may be invalid or limit reached
  • 10486L: (no registered PayPal account) funding source info may be invalid, credit limit reached, or insufficient funds
  • 10729L: Check address for errors, must exactly match address registered with funding source
  • 10736L: Postal code does not match City/State, check for errors or blank spaces
  • 13113L: Restriction from funding source - check limit and confirm ability to shop internationally and/or online (call source to lift this automatic security feature)