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Welcome to the New Site!

After 3 years of searching for the right web host and doing a LOT of design work, we're back selling products on our own domain. In early 2020 we closed the store and put up a placeholder page directing you to our Etsy and Ebay shops, after many wonderful years selling independently since 2005.

Why did we stop, you ask? Life brings changes and choices, and between 2016-2020, winding the business down to sell exclusively on other platforms seemed the best decision at the time. Having our own server was cheap and convenient, but required a lot of backend maintenance to stay on top of software changes, hacking attempts, security upgrades, and design changes to become accessible to more devices. In short, there was actually a lot more time and effort required to keep it running than ever before. Also, there just wasn't a hosting system available at the time that allowed us to offer currency conversion, shipping from Canadian carriers, and customization options at an annual rate that wouldn't result in having to pass the cost on in substantial price increases to our products.

Finally though, we found one! And while not perfect, we're very happy with the results. However we're still finding the occasional kink to iron out, so we welcome your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think of the site design, operation, speed, accessibility, etc., or just say hello. If you find a problem however, please contact us immediately.

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