Supporting The "Evil Wedding Social"!

Supporting The "Evil Wedding Social"!
We're very proud to sponsor this very cool Winnipeg, Manitoba fundraising event on April 19, 2024: the Evil Bastard's Wedding Social! Long-time Goth/Alternative DJ "Evil Bastard" (Zlatan Banicevic) and our very own designer/owner "Valerian" (Elaine Foster) are getting married this September... but before that party begins, first the pre-party! It's a province-wide tradition to raise funds the fun way, as a send-off to help the wedding couple get started in life together. Music, dancing, food & beverage, live performances, lottery draws and usually numerous raffles abound to encourage friends and family to support if they can, and have a great time while doing so. We've donated numerous prizes for several of the baskets to be raffled off, and are hosting online tickets sales for folks who want to buy in advance (or don't plan to attend but want to offer a little financial support).

To some, this may seem to be a bizarre custom, even tacky, but it originates from prairie folk who, out of empathy and necessity, have created a culture accustomed to helping each other out during extremely cold winters and often challenging spring floods. Besides, it's fun! And this party will be no exception.
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