New Crystal Skull Necklace, Cuff Button Covers

New Crystal Skull Necklace, Cuff Button Covers

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. First, while vending at the local event "Goths & Freaks - Homecoming 2023" in September, a customer asked if I (owner/designer Elaine Foster) could make button covers with a Gothic 'ace of spades' theme. I can't usually oblige requests for custom jewelry designs, but honestly it was way too cool to pass up. Halloween would be just around the corner, so naturally I added a skull and crossbones motif inside the spade (actually I couldn't get the Motörhead lyric "the dead man's hand again" out of my mind, so it seemed perfect!).

The second inspiration came when my supplier shipped me the wrong beads, which turned out to be the 6x8mm version of the same colour used for the Spirit of the Night Blue-Black Crystal Rosary Necklace. I'm not one to waste useful things, so decided to make a couple of limited edition versions of our Requiem For The Vampire Black Crystal Rosary Necklace in that gorgeous blue-black colour. Sadly though, I'm still waiting for our black crystal beads to come in, so the original Requiem design will have to be out of stock for a little while longer - sorry!!

Also I'm going to try to keep up with blogging more regularly... since my old LiveJournal days I've gotten a bit out of practice. :P

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