Sanguina Black Velvet Striped Red Satin Mini Top Hat View full size

Sanguina Black Velvet Striped Red Satin Mini Top Hat

A burlesque style red satin mini top hat with black Gothic velvet ribbon stripes, scroll braid, silk flower, ostrich and hackle feathers, and elastic strap.



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A sassy bright red satin miniature top hat with black velvet ribbon vertical stripes and hatband, black silky scroll braid around the brim and crown, and red polyester lining inside. Garnished with a flourish of black ostrich plumes, a tuft of red feathers (may be hackle or marabou depending on stock), and a large black silk flower with a red glittery centre. Perfect for retro cabaret/burlesque or Gothic weddings - pictures do not do it justice! A 3/8 inch (10mm) wide red elastic allows the hat to stay on. A small clear acrylic hair comb can be attached for an additional charge underneath at the front (prongs pointing backward) or the back (prongs pointing forward) if desired. Stands approx. 4 inches (10cm) tall, not including feathers.

Size: One Size
Dimensions: 7"x6"x4" (17.5x15x10cm), not including feathers

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