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Patina Steampunk Carriage Wheel Cuff Button Covers

Mens Steampunk jewelry, two antique brass shirt button covers with Victorian carriage wheel designs create the look of cufflinks or formal mandarin collar.




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Limited edition. Sold in pairs. Ideal for the look of cufflinks on regular button-cuff shirts and blouses (also great for covering Mandarin collar buttons). Steampunk inspired intricately detailed vintage 1980's antiqued brass filigree ornaments that resemble Victorian era spoked carriage wheels, mounted on shiny brass hinged button covers. Smaller than our previous version of this design. Simply pry open the hinge, slip the notched half over a button, and clip shut. Will cover almost any button up to about 13.5mm (1/2 inch) diameter. Ornaments manufactured in Canada.

Dimensions: 11/16" (17mm) diameter

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