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SUNSHINE Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

SUNSHINE brand jewelry cleaning cloth impregnated with micro-abrasives for cleaning tarnish, oils and grease from gold, silver, brass, copper and glass.




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SUNSHINE brand cleaning and polishing cloth impregnated with non-scratching micro-abrasives keeps your jewelry looking sparkling and new. Safe non-staining chemical cleansing agents quickly remove dirt, heavy tarnish, oils and fingerprints from any jewelry, flatware, gold, sterling silver, brass, copper, chrome, glass, mirrors, hard plastic, laquered wood, glossy ceramic and many other shiny surfaces. Safe on oxidized metal finishes, but may remove the dark pigmenting agent in the recesses of some other antiqued finishes if rubbed in. Not recommended for pearls, pewter, or other porous surfaces. Non-washable, replace when cloth is completely soiled/dark. Made in Japan. After cleaning heavy tarnish, use our Selvyt cloth for regular polishing between cleanings (makes Sunshine cloth last longer).

Dimensions: 5" x 7 3/4" (12.5x19.5cm)