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All items are returnable except Final Sale. By buying our products you are agreeing to be bound by the terms on this page. Refunds issued within 60 days of purchase only, no unauthorized returns. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We are a small company and do not intend to be impersonal by having a structured policy, however we must enforce it since we are restricted by the polices of the payment processors, shipping services and manufacturers we utilize.

How to send a return
Non-returnable items
Policy, gifts, lost or RTS
Defects, alterations, vintage parts


How To Send A Return

We cannot issue refunds after 60 days of purchase - read steps below and ship by a service guaranteeing arrival within that time. Please send with insurance and tracking included, we are not responsible for returns lost or delayed in transit. Unauthorized returns will be sent back at your expense.

1. See Final Sale for products that cannot be returned.
2. Contact us with your full name and order number for a Return Authorization number (RA#).
3. See note about packaging below, then prepare shipment. Include copy of receipt and write RA# on front of parcel.
4. Take to post outlet, ship to our address on receipt. USA & International: write "goods for return" on Customs label.


If the item was shipped inside a pouch, jewelry box or other packaging, re-use it as this helps protect the item. If the original outer box/envelope is undamaged you can re-use it as well. If your shipment arrived damaged, include ALL packaging materials inside a new box/envelope (required for insurance claim).


Final Sale

Final sale items are non-returnable and non-refundable under any circumstances. These include "Made to Order", "Special Order", custom designed and altered/customized items since they are made to your specifications, as well discounted items. Fabric chokers, hats, masks, pasties, stockings/tights, gloves and watches are non-returnable due to the following:

Federal health regulations prohibit returns on "intimate apparel" (fabric in direct contact with skin or hair capable of absorbing sweat, parasites, cosmetics, perfume/odors, and other allergens). The only way to guarantee they have not already been worn is to never accept them back. Watches are purchased as samples direct from the manufacturer so we can offer a special low price, however warranties are not offered on samples so they cannot be returned.

We would never sell a Final Sale item that has badly damaged factory packaging, major visible flaws, or does not operate upon inspection (watches are tested before shipping). However manufacturer's defects sometimes appear only after use, for example: seam twists on side of glove, lint appears under glass, etc. Regrettably, we cannot accept returns on Final Sale items since the manufacturer will not accept them either. An exception can be made if the item has obviously been damaged during shipping since this would be a shipping insurance claim. If this is the case, keep ALL original packaging and contact us immediately. If defective, handmade fabric items (bracelets, chokers, hats, masks, etc.) may be returned for repairs, see Repairs & Alterations.



Refunds issued via PayPal ONLY within 60 days of purchase to the email address used during the original payment. No refunds on unauthorized returns (see How To Return). Shipping costs are non-refundable. Refunds may take up to 14 days to process and are credited as follows:

  • Credit Card: returned to your card (may take several days to appear on statement)
  • PayPal Account Balance: returned to your PayPal account
  • Bank Debit via PayPal: returned to your bank (may take several days to appear on statement)
  • All Other Sources: held for 30 days at PayPal*

*If you do not have a PayPal account you must register at PayPal with the email address used during the original payment to claim your refund within 30 days of issue (registration is free). You can then transfer funds to your bank account or keep the balance at PayPal for future use. Refunds unclaimed after 30 days are automatically cancelled.

No Refunds After 60 Days

Funds cannot be reversed to the original source after 60 days, therefore we cannot issue refunds after that time. Late returns will be sent back at your expense; we are not responsible for returns delayed in transit (if you shipped with tracking and insurance included, you may be able to make a claim with the carrier for reimbursement).


Sorry, we do not do exchanges. If the item is not Final Sale and you wish to return it for something more satisfactory, follow instructions for How To Return for a refund.

Gift Return

If you received a returnable item you may return it under the same conditions described in the above sections, however refunds can only be issued to the person who originally paid for the order. Sorry, no exchanges.

Refused, Unclaimed or Return-To-Sender (RTS) Shipment

If your order is sent back to us "RTS" without there having been an error on our part, or if the recipent refuses or neglects accepting delivery for any reason, we must bill for the RTS shipping cost (the post charges us to send it back) as well as the cost to ship it out again if you want it re-sent. We can cancel the order if you do not want it re-sent, however shipping costs are non-refundable. The RTS cost and/or any other fees incurred due to the parcel being undeliverable, refused or unclaimed will be deducted from the order value.

Late or Lost Order Shipment

We cannot offer refunds on late (1 business day or more beyond estimated delivery time) shipments unless XpressPost or Priority service was used; only these services have an on-time delivery guarantee. In the unlikely event that your order gets lost on its way to you, we can open an insurance claim to get you a refund 45 days (or less, depending on service used) from shipment date.

Late or Lost Return Shipment

We cannot issue refunds for returns we do not receive within 60 days. Please ship your return with insurance and tracking included - then if it should it get delayed or lost you can open a claim with the carrier for reimbursement.


Repairs & Alterations

Damaged or Defective Handmade Item (Choker, Earrings, Etc.)

[Handmade items are distinguishable by the designer's name appearing in the product description] Please note that Final Sale items are non-returnable under any circumstances. Although if defective, handmade Final Sale fabric items (chokers, hats, masks, etc.) may be sent back for free repairs within 30 days of purchase. Follow instructions on How To Return (see "Vintage Components" below if your item contains vintage parts). Repaired items will be shipped back to you at our expense. However if repair is requested after 30 days from purchase date we reserve the right to charge for repairs and/or return shipping.

Damaged or Defective Imported Item (Watch, Necklace, Etc.)

Please note that Final Sale items are non-returnable under any circumstances. If there is a problem with a pocket watch, you should first check if it is wind-up style (brass gears visible through the windows), and wind it. If it has been overwound, tap the bottom onto a hard surface a few times to loosen the spring. If it is battery operated, ensure it is engaged by pushing the top grooved ring down. If the watch still does not operate, have the battery changed.

Alterations (Handmade Items Only)

Occasionally you might need a size adjustment or other minor alteration to ensure a better fit. Contact us for a quote. Charges for adding components (beads, chain, etc.) and labour costs may apply, as well as shipping charges to return the item to you.

Vintage Components

The nature of vintage components is that they are 25+ years old, most having been made by hand instead of high precision machines. Although we use only the best quality vintage components we can find, many are not 100% perfect according to the standards of our age of digital accuracy (bubbles or warps in the glass, tiny hairline marks, slightly asymmetrical, etc.). Such imperfections are completely normal, merely adding to the item's unique charm, however occasionally it may be more noticable than you would like. We are happy to make changes for you, however please be aware that a replacement part may no longer be available, and that even when one is, it may not be absolutely perfect either.