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Credit card and bank debit online payments are processed via secure PayPal checkout (select "PayPal" as payment option). You can also pay by other methods. You are not required to register with PayPal to use the checkout. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards over the telephone.

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General Information

A confirmation email is sent automatically when checkout is completed. Set your email program to accept mail from contact(at)artofadornment.ca (if not received within 2 hours, check your spam or junk mail folder).

Data Security

Our checkout and customer account data is encrypted by SSL (secure socket layer) to keep your transactions and personal information private. We do not store financial information such as credit card numbers, etc.

Technical Problem During Check Out?

This is likely because your browser's security settings are set unusually high. First check that your browser is able to accept "cookies" (small pieces of information sent by a web server to store temporarily in your browser, so it can remember what you have in the cart while you visit another shop page). Cookie settings are usually under Tools > Options > Privacy but may be different depending on the browser. If this does not solve the problem, see our Technical Problems section for help.

Sales Tax

In compliance with Canadian tax law, anything sold within our province (BC) must be charged all applicable taxes; orders shipped to other Canadian provinces must be charged GST (or HST if an HST province). Tax is charged on the item total and shipping cost combined, since tax is based upon whatever costs it takes to get the purchase into the recipient's hands.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is the world's largest and most trusted online payment checkout system (in fact it is the only online payment system trusted by Ebay and is accepted at Sears, Wal-Mart, FTD, and many others) which processes credit card transactions instantly - no registration with PayPal is required. They also offer a service where you can debit funds from your bank account (registration required). Your financial information is securely processed by PayPal and is never revealed to the merchant. It's fast, free, secure and safe. You may register at www.paypal.com or while checking out, but it is not required.

There are two ways to pay online. Both use the PayPal system, so select "PayPal" during checkout:

Registered PayPal Account/Debit

Funds are instantly debited from your current PayPal balance, on-file credit card, or on-file bank account. After the Confirm Order screen you are directed to login at PayPal. Tip: for smoother Check Out we recommend you use the same email address in your account profile here as you use at PayPal.

Credit Card Processing*

After the Confirm Order screen you will see a PayPal screen. Look for text that either says "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" or "Pay with debit or credit card". Simply follow the instructions on your screen. Transaction will display on statement as "PAYPAL *ARTOFADORNMENT".

*Prepaid VISA/AMEX/MC Gift Cards:

They are not actually credit cards, they are essentially plastic gift certificates. Before using one online it must be registered (see Online or Phone purchases). Not all types are currently supported in our checkout, and some are restricted against international purchases. Cards which do not require entering a PIN may not be accepted. If you encounter difficulty using your card, you must contact the card issuer directly for assistance.

PayPal is available in over 190 countries. If you cannot use PayPal, see Other Payment Options below.


Other Payment Options

For all payments below, your items will be reserved for a limited amount of time. If contact and/or payment is not received within the specified time, your order will be considered "abandoned" and cancelled. Since much of our stock is limited edition and one-of-a-kind, the fairest way to give customers a chance to buy the few pieces we stock is to make them available again without too much delay. Please note that only orders placed through the online checkout will appear in your Order History.

Money Order (By Mail)

A money order is a voucher purchased in cash (it is NOT a cheque) that is mailed to the merchant, who redeems it at a bank. Slower than a Wire Transfer but the sender's fee is lower. You MUST buy an "international" type if you are outside Canada. We only accept money orders purchased at Western Union agents, MoneyGram agents and from the postal service. Your items will be reserved for a maximum of 10 days only. Please contact us within 5 days of purchase to inform us that you have mailed your money order. If we do not hear from you within that time your order will be cancelled.

INTERAC E-Transfer (Bank Debit)

This is an online funds transfer made directly between your bank/credit union (must be a Canadian currency account) and the merchant's; your financial data is never revealed to the merchant. Transaction fees may apply. You must already use online banking with a participating Canadian bank. Since we do not have this option in our checkout, please contact us with your full name, shipping address, and the items you wish to purchase (include item ref. #'s!). We will email you an invoice, security verification question, and total within 24 hours. Then log in to your online banking, select "Interac E-Transfer" from the Payments/Transfers menu, and enter the verification info. Your bank emails us a notification and we complete the transfer. E-Transfers must be made within 3 days.

Wire Transfer (Instant Money Transfer)

A "wire" transfer is a payment made at one licensed agent and picked up by the merchant at another. Faster than a Money Order but the sender's fee is higher. We only accept wire transfers purchased from Western Union and MoneyGram agents. You can select which transfer service your prefer in our checkout. Then buy your transfer, and send us the tracking number so we can pick it up. Wire Transfers must be completed within 3 days.

Cash Pick-Up

We do not have a walk-in storefront, so we do not keep a till/float for cash payments. You can still pay cash (Canadian funds only, exact change) however you cannot use the online checkout since a cash payment option does not exist. Please DO NOT use the online checkout, substituting another payment method for cash as this messes up our order tracking system. Simply contact us with the items #'s of products you wish to purchase and we will arrange to meet (12pm-5pm daily except holidays, allowing approx. 2 days for processing), for example at a coffee shop in the Georgia St. @ Burrard St. area. If you cannot come downtown or have already paid for shipping we MUST ship. Pick-ups must occur within 7 days. Note: fabric pouches, storage boxes, and other gift packaging is only included with shipped orders.


Bulk Discounts/Wholesale

We are a very small operation and thus cannot offer true wholesale prices, but we do offer resellers a bulk discount. Although our handmade items are created in Canada by the designers themselves, not mass-produced on factory assembly lines, our retail pricing is already quite competitive. Therefore we offer resellers a 20% discount off orders valued over $120 CAD made in one transaction (total before shipping and tax). Email us with your business name, shipping address, and tax/resale number before purchase to get the discount code. The code can be used multiple times and does not expire, and you are not required to buy multiples of the same product. We do not have a printed catalogue however, our online store contains all the stock we have. 


Sale items and any handmade products not made by designer Valerian. You may still buy them however they will not be discounted and not affect the minimum order requirement.


Only current in-stock quantities are eligible. We do not do advance orders or backorders. Bulk orders are packaged without gift bags, gift boxes, etc. to reduce waste and handling costs.

Are You A Reseller?

Tell us and we will add your shop to our growing list of retailers on our About Us page! If you are placing an order for resale in your shop, type a note with your store name and location into the "Message" box during checkout, or send us an email.


Combined Payments

Sorry, we cannot combine orders (more than one order shipped in the same parcel); separate transactions will be shipped separately. Purchases from our online store, Ebay store, Etsy shop and other marketplace shops cannot be combined with each other. It is often cheaper overall to ship separately anyway, because shipping cost is determined by total parcel weight, not size (the heavier the parcel, the more likely it will jump into a higher weight/cost tier).