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Below you will find the latest news about partner deals and other special announcements, as well as a list of places and events where Art of Adornment has appeared: fashion shows, on video and in film, at conferences and trade shows.

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Events & publications
Events & publications

Latest News:

Time-Travelers' Bazaar

Apr. 23, 2017 (Vancouver BC, CAN) We will be vending select jewelry and watches at the 5th annual one-day Time-Travelers' Bazaar vendor market at Heritage Hall. Table cancelled due to illness.


Past Events:

You can also view photographs and screen shots of blogs, magazine websites and printed publications where we have been featured in our In The Media image gallery.


Apr. 17 (Vancouver BC, CAN) Select accessories sold at the 4th annual one-day Time-Travelers' Bazaar vendor market at Heritage Hall


Apr. 6 (Albuquerque NM, USA) Featured as a “best example” merchant in Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, 3rd Edition paperback book. By Watermelon Mountain Web marketing and Wiley Publishing Inc., p. 216-219.


Sep. 24 (USA) WICKED Women magazine, issue #6, p. 7-9. Brooch shown on model.

Apr. 4 (USA) Aspira magazine, issue #10, p. 8. Hat shown on model.

Feb. 15 (Orlando FL, USA) Kirameki magazine, issue #5, p. 49 & 55. Choker and bracelet shown on model.

Jan. 23 (Cape Town, SA) Kultur magazine, issue #29 p.44-45. Choker shown on model.


Nov. 15 (Lexington KY, USA) Imperial magazine, November 2013 issue, p. 54-59. Choker shown on model.

Nov. 1 (Orlando FL, USA) Kirameki magazine, issue #3, p. 157. Choker shown on model.

Sep. 20 (New York NY, USA) TeenVOGUE magazine, October issue vol. 13 no. 8, p.112. Stick pin shown on model Avan Jogia.

Sep. 7 (Hayes VA, USA) Take Back Hallowe'en online costume guide by the Real History Project, Queen Liliuokalani outfit. Choker  shown on model.

Aug. 26 (Springfield MA, USA) Nocturnal Void magazine, August issue "Dark", p. 17. Brooch shown on model.

Jun. 11 (Winnipeg MB, CAN) Feature article in The Dark Parlour magazine issue #9, p. 10-13.

Jun. 1 (Buffalo NY, USA) Strange Beauty magazine, promotional mini zine #001, cover photo.

May 15 (Winnipeg MB, CAN) 10-11pm CDT. Mental Candy live 1-hour internet radio show interview with owner/designer Elaine Foster (Valerian) on TMV Cafe Radio.

Mar. 28 (Atglen PA, USA) Hats, choker and coat shown on models in International Steampunk Fashion hardcover book. Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., p. 74, 101 & 107.

Jan. 17 (Vancouver BC, CAN) Mysteria nightclub event at VinylRetroLounge. Select accessories sold in vendors' area.

Jan. 4 (USA) Riot Vixen magazine, issue #2 p.27. Choker shown on model.


October (Cape Town, SA) Kultur magazine, issue #14 p.24-25. Choker, fan and gloves shown on model.


Dec. 31 (USA) Gothic Model magazine, January 2012 issue, cover and p. 1-4. Chokers, earrings, necklace, bracelet and fan shown on model.

Jul. 13 (Broadcast TV, CAN) Fanboy Confessional: Steampunk episode #102. Documentary series about sci-fi fan culture by Space channel. Video plays as 3 clips (we are vendors in clip 2). Video player may not respond if you are outside Canada.

Jul. 10 (USA) The Metal Diva blog, "Find of the Day" short article our necklaces and lace chokers, and "Get This Look" lace choker.


Nov. 2 (Poland) Déjà-Mort blog. "Sztuka zdobienia (Art of Adornment)" short article about us and our handmade creations.

Aug. 9 (Toronto ON, CAN) TORO magazine, p. 4, 6 & 10. Chokers shown on model Elyse Levesque.

Jul. 10 (Vancouver BC, CAN) VSteam one-day conference, Steampunk Mini-Con. Select accessories sold in vendors' garden.

Jun. 10 (Vancouver BC, CAN) John Casablancas Institute fashion show, Pandemonium. Jewelry, hats, gloves and hosiery shown with designers Mela and Body Politic.


Sep. 5 (Los Angeles CA, USA) Cristina's Angels blog. "Lacy Chokers" short article about us and our lace chokers.

Jul. 17 (Long Beach CA, USA) Convergence 15 fashion show. Hats and jewelry shown with outfits by Original Sin Designs.

Jan. 21 (Auckland, NZ) Wedding Skulls blog. Skully Chat: Interview with owner Valerian about our business, our designs and Gothic weddings in general.


September (New York, NY USA) Weird Tales magazine. "Arts & Culture: The Bazaar" column, issue #351 p. 11. Short article on Valerian and our shop.

Sep. 25 (Boise ID, USA) The Sanguinarian film. Hats and jewelry supplied for costume in independent film "a drama/thriller centering on vampires in a post-industrial noir-ish world".

Sep. 5 - Feb. 21, 2009 (New York, NY USA) "Gothic: Dark Glamour" exhibit. Brooch on display at The Museum at FIT, shown with clothing designed by Kambriel.

Aug. 18 (Vancouver BC, CAN) Goth Style Secrets blog. "Naughty Goths Lace Secrets" article on the Goth scene's attraction to lace, with special reference to our designs.

March (Portland OR, USA) Gothic Beauty magazine. ""New In Fashion" article, issue #25 p.33. Short article on our shop.


Nov. 28 (UK) MookyChick magazine. "Choosing, Wearing and Caring For Your Victorian/Gothic Choker" article by our shop owner, Valerian.

Nov. 1 (Toronto ON, CAN) A Clockwork Fantasy fashion show. Men's accessories shown with outfits by To Die For Designs.

May 25 (Portland OR, USA) Phoenix Parade fashion show. Hats and jewelry shown with outfits by Kambriel, Mange La Mode, Arsenic Fashions, Three Crows Textiles, Original Sin and To Die For Designs.


Feb. 13 (Philadelphia PA, USA) Chateau Bizarre blog. "Lucky 7 Site Reviews" weekly retailer review, plus "Oddity of the Week" item, our Art Nouveau Box Purse.

Sep. 29 (Somerset NJ, USA) Salon Con convention, fashion show during weekend-long event. Hats and jewelry shown.


Dec. 28 (Montreal QC, CAN) LouLou Magazine website. "Today's Best Buy" item, our Harlequin Courtesan Lace Choker.