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Art of Adornment is an online-only shop, 100% Canadian owned, and a very small company (run by one very hard working person!) based in Vancouver BC Canada. Although we have been in business and a verified PayPal member since February 2004, we began using the name "Art of Adornment" in March 2005 and changed our pre-existing Ebay store name shortly afterward. We have used this URL since November 2005 (previously adornment.araneum.ca). The phrase "Art of Adornment" was legally registered as our trademark in Canada (2010) and the USA (2012) to protect our brand and impress upon customers that we are dedicated to our business.

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Elaine Foster


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For product inquiries, policy concerns, or technical problems please see Help first. For order inquiries you may use our contact form, or message us from your Order History > Order Details page


Use our contact form to send us a message, you can even attach a file if you wish (photo, etc.). If inquiring about an order, please include your order ID number and/or order date and full name. Please add contact (at) artofadornment.ca to your contacts list to ensure our reply does not get filtered as spam.

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Elaine Foster / Art of Adornment
#215 - 1617 E. 5th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 5K1
Studio not open to the public.

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The following list is of people who have ever contributed to the site, and who may or may not be currently contributing content or services.

Elaine Foster (owner/designer "Valerian") - jewelry and hat design, web layout and graphic design, product photography, marketing, customer service, inventory, accounting, shipping/receiving
Michael Barrick ("Atratus") - web development, fashion photography, hat design
Bart Adrian ("Disdain") - web development
Tanya McDonald (designer "Lady V") - jewelry, decor
Sandi Thomas (designer "Kitsune") - wood hair accessories
Tania McIntyre (designer "BinarySoul") - chainmail accessories
Wynne Palmer (designer "10andSix") - hats, jewelry, decor
Vie Anastassiou (designer "Noctilucence") - masks
Anne-Nicole Meeson (designer "Seductive Perils") - burlesque pasties



Other merchants sometimes stock our handmade products in their shops. See list below and contact them to find out if they are currently carrying any stock. If you own a shop and would like to sell our products, let us know! We will list you here as well so local customers can find you.

Stroke of Genius

4903 - 55 Ave, Grimshaw AB (Canada). Ph. +780-219-1285
* Select items from our catalogue

Elegant Aristocrat, The

Maarstien 10, Drammen (Norway). Ph. +47 452 98 680
* Select items from our catalogue

Lace Embrace Atelier

219 East 16th Avenue, Vancouver BC (Canada). Ph. +604-737-1119
* Select products made specially for Lace Embrace - no items from our catalogue

L'Antre d'Alice (Alice's Lair)

10 Rue Guy Baudoin, Paris (France). Ph. +60 68 19 48
* Shop closed as of July 2011.

RockGootti (RockGothic)

Kauppiaskatu 3, Turku (Finland). Ph. +02 233 0025
* Select items from our catalogue

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Our Mission - Owner's Message

The majority of the products in this store are HAND MADE in Canada by one designer (me)! They are not mass-produced in factories or "sweat shops", nor are they merely the product of a casual hobby. Creating art is my full-time legitimate business. I take my work very seriously; I regularly test and wear my own products, and I have experience in making and selling fine art and crafts for over 20 years. I have been selling my work online since 2004, and there are no plans to stop anytime soon. So rest assured that we are not going to disappear overnight!

I hold very high standards both for materials and craftsmanship and stand behind my work 100% - I would not make or sell anything I would be ashamed to give to a good friend. Even the work of other designers for sale in the store has been carefully hand-selected according to my strict requirements for solid construction and clean finishing.

I value my time, experience, and commitment to quality and choose not to "cut corners" to ensure you get an attractive durable product and reliable time-tested professional service. I respect your hard-earned income and do not inflate our prices just to be pretentious. Our pricing reflects the materials, skill and passion put into them, not inferior quality with enormous markups. I believe both fashion design AND customer service is an art - and art should be available to everyone!

~ Elaine Foster ("Valerian")


About The Owner

Elaine Foster (better known online by her nickname "Valerian") was born in 1969 in Vancouver BC and has been an active part of the punk/Goth subculture since 1983. She graduated from the 4-year fine arts program at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design in 1991 where she focussed on painting and 3D/mixed-media. Her creativity and passion for making art has been a large part of her life since (in her own words) she was "old enough to hold a solid object". Elaine is the sole driving force behind Art of Adornment. She not only creates most of the products, she designed the website layout and graphics, processes and ships all the orders, does all the marketing and promotion, photographs the products, and handles all customer service inquiries. To say that her store is a labour of love is an understatement!

Elaine Barrick, Valerian
Elaine Foster ("Valerian")

Elaine began exhibiting her paintings and prints in local galleries and cafés while still a student in 1989, and occasionally participates in group shows to this day. After finishing art school she worked as a picture framer for 12 years, most of that time being custom department manager in a wholesale company. Elaine's paintings have been published in New York's Art Business News magazine and the Vancouver Sun newspaper, as well as featured in the upcoming documentary film Dark Canada. In 2001 she began selling her artwork on Ebay.com, her first taste of online exposure.

It was not until 2004 that she began to shift her focus to fashion. After so many years at a physically demanding job, she was eventually forced to quit due to having developed chronic tendonitis in both shoulders. This injury that was the sole inspiration for her to find a new career. During the 1980's Elaine made her own costume jewelry as a hobby, deconstructing her grandmother's antique pieces as well as vintage finds from thrift stores, and re-assembled them to create new designs. Elaine decided to re-awaken this talent in 2004 and has since offered her work for sale online. But the "experimental" jewelry of her teen days is long gone - now she collects only very select skillfully crafted components, many of which she faux-finishes and alters herself. Some of the metal components are created with antique tools brought over from Europe to North America more than two hundred years ago, and are the heart behind her decadent style. Elaine uses only the highest quality Swiss velvet, glass beads made in the Czech Republic, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, and vintage glass cameos imported from Germany among many other beautiful and unusual things. To her, making jewelry and accessories is not just an occupation, it is an art.

Many of Elaine's designs are one-of-a-kind, or "limited edition", which means a limited number of pieces are made, and no pieces identical to them will ever be made afterward. These editions are very small, usually 5 or less pieces. Often she will attach a metal tag, hand-engraved with her signature. Not all pieces are signed however; only an exclusive selection of pieces which she is especially proud of will carry her mark (these pieces are likely to be collectable, since she is extremely critical of her own work and signs very few). Since 2008 she has also offered the work of some of her friends; fellow Canadian designers with a taste for both the decadent and the refined. Many of their pieces are also limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

Although Elaine had been selling her paintings and prints on Ebay since 2001, the Art of Adornment Ebay Store did not open until 2005, when Elaine switched to selling handmade fashion accessories instead. Elaine opened her own custom-designed online store as well that same year. Since then, she has worked with great passion to mold Art of Adornment into what you see today.

Elaine claims to have always been a "crafty" person, and has never been able to settle on only one path. In addition to making art and fashion accessories, she designs her own clothing, dabbles in web design, and participates in several other online communities and forums.

Fine Art Portfolio: Valerian's Website
On FaceBook: Valerian's Fan Page
On DeviantArt: Valerian's Gallery